Easily import and export hundreds of billing profiles directly out of or into any of our supported bots in seconds!
We support: AdeptAIO, AIOMoji, ANB AIO, ANB AIO Plus, ANB Nike Bot, Balkobot (Shopify), BNB AIO, BNB Nike, Brisque IO, CandyPreme, CodeYellow, CyberAIO, Dashe, Dot Supreme, EasyCopBot, EveAIO, F3ATHER IO, Ganesh Previews, Ghost SNKRS, HasteyIO, Kaiser Framework, KodaiAIO, LatchKeyIO, MEKpreme, NikeShoeBot, OculusAIO, Phantom, PrismAIO, ProjectDestroyer, Proton AIO, Sieupreme, Sneakercopter, Snkrmoji (V1/V2/CLI), SoleAIO, SoleSlayer, Splashforce V3, SupremeSlayer, theKickStation, TheSnkrsBot, Trick.io, TrickAIO, WhatBot, Wop, and yCopp
EZMode4Chefs Interface
What the heck is Local and Remote?
Local or Remote?
Fastest and EZest. This is for when EZM4C and the bot are on the same system - EZM4C exports your billing profiles directly to the bots' config files. Applies your selected Add/Replace/Wipe setting on-the-fly and completes in seconds. Just open your bot and create tasks - your profiles are ready to go!
Remote isn't quite as EZ as Local but can definitely come in handy. This creates an import file for your bot so if you're using a remote server where you can't install EZMode4Chefs because of policies, no problem. Just convert your profiles, copy the EZM4C file to your server and import!
One Template to Rule Them All!
EZM4C Template
Spending too long sorting and entering billing data for friends or customers? Yeah, us too. That's why we created EZMode4Chefs. Sort no more! Now you just send everyone a single template to fill out. Then EZMode4Chefs does the entering for you. You could have just EZM4Ced Dashe in the time it took you to read this. Seriously, no joke. Can you afford not to have EZMode4Chefs?
We're All About Options!
Bot Import
Most members use our AIO template. AIO? That's right, no bot specific formatting needed. Fill it in once using our EZ formatting and export to any of our supported bots - EZM4C handles the rest! Or, for the ultimate in EZ, just click one of a bot you already have filled with profiles in the dropdown under Profiles In! You'll swear it's magic!
Activation and Deactivation
You didn't think we'd leave out something as vital as activation and deactivation, did you? Really, how could we call it EZMode if we didn't have this feature? We think it's crucial to be able to use EZMode4Chefs when and where you need it, which is why we haven't limited deactivations and we've made it easy to deactivate when you need it.
Nonstop Bots and Features!
At this point actual development time can be counted in mere weeks - can you imagine what EZMode4Chefs will morph into just a few short months from now? Let's start with what's planned: importing from and exporting to additional bots (several added since launch!), drag-and-drop (Done!), profile clearing (Check!), jigging (Added!), custom themes (Yeah!), and more to come! Do you have some great ideas for EZM4C? Join us and help make EZMode4Chefs even better!