About Us
This whole project started because we got sick of manually entering a few dozen billing profiles every time we got a new bot. Some have a single form, some are split into multiple forms, some provide file import and some provide clipboard import but, when it comes down to it, the only thing they really have in common is they all require different formats. In the beginning Klober created an Excel workbook with multiple sheets that automatically formatted your data for the individual supported bots on their assigned sheet. The original supported bot was yCopp and was simply named "yCopp Billing Entry". Next came "Dashe Billing Entry" which was followed shortly after by a SoleSlayer script. But the SoleSlayer script wasn't named "SoleSlayer Billing Entry".

Just before the creation of the SoleSlayer script Taggedya had said one key phrase that changed the direction of the "... Billing Entry" line forever - "I bet other people would use this" - and then "SoleSlayerEZMode" was created. Over the next 3 days through numerous discussions and some coding the first beta version of EZMode4Chefs was born - v0.1. At that point we had no idea where this venture was headed. In the beginning we figured maybe some friends would enjoy using it but, as we showed more of our friends what it was capable of and were surprised by the multiple comments saying "Dude, I'd pay for something that does that", we became convinced that maybe we were really on to something!

Along the way we decided that EZMode4Chefs should really embrace the name and attempt to make absolutely everything as EZ as possible for the user. Working toward that goal we continued to improve EZMode4Chefs by streamlining the process of importing data and expanding the formats EZMode4Chefs is capable of importing. Next we added support for a couple more bots. Then we heard from a couple of people that it would be really cool if EZMode4Chefs could import billing profiles already entered into a bot - so of course we had to add that functionality too! We will continue to strive and put our efforts towards making chefs' lives easier.

Klober has been in IT for over 20 years and has dabbled in automation for his own benefit off and on for over a decade, and Taggedya has been involved in the sneaker community since 2016 with first-hand experience copping high profile kicks both manually and using bots. The two of us make a powerful team with tons of real world experience combined with the drive and work ethic to make things happen. Trust us when we say you ain't seen nothing yet - we have tons of ideas for additional features and functionality for EZMode4Chefs! But the best part is the ideas that can make EZMode4Chefs better don't just have to be ours! Please don't hesitate to let us know through our Contact page, Twitter or Discord if you have any ideas that would push EZMode4Chefs to the next level!