Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What is EZMode?
Answer: EZMode makes filling all your bots with your billing profiles a breeze.
Question: What makes EZMode worth the price?/How will EZMode make me money?
Answer: The first thing that comes to mind is EZMode allows you to enter far more profiles into your bots than you could hope to enter manually, which in turn allows you to run more tasks with unique profiles attached. More tasks means more chances to cop each drop which means more money in your pocket.

Second is our best-in-class jigging (discussed below) which assists in copping multiples using the same address - again, more money in your pocket.

Finally, it's about how much your time is worth. To make things EZ lets say someone makes $10/hour at their job so EZMode costs them about 1 hour worth of work. Now, say they have 10 profiles and 2 bots, and it takes an average of 30 seconds to enter each profile. Just for 1 drop it would take them 10 (profiles) x 30 seconds x 2 (bots) = 600 seconds or 10 minutes (which is low). Now do that each week for Supreme and 2 more times for other drops in a month and they're at 10 minutes x 6 (drops) = 60 minutes. Using EZMode can cut that 1 hour down to 1-2 minutes total for those 6 drops - giving back nearly an hour of their life. Now consider this: simply increasing the total profiles to 15, or the number of bots to 3, increases the time savings to nearly 90 minutes, while increasing both together would result in an increase to 2.25 hours! All the while, it would only take EZMode a few more seconds to complete.
Question: What's jigging and do you have it?
Answer: Jigging, at its most basic level, is randomization with the intention of making a single address look like multiple addresses. And not only do we support it - we've taken it to all-new levels! Of course we support the standard random numbers and characters, as well as random first and last names. In addition to those, EZMode also supports street suffixes (St, Road, Alley, Blvd, etc.) and unit identifiers (Suite, Apt, Unit, etc.) - all USPS approved to help mitigate cancels. We even have separate jigs for houses and apartments, as well as exclusions for each. We've even added some jigging for our Portuguese members! Why don't we just let the results speak for themselves...within days of the jigging update our members were reporting back with stuff like "new update is so money[...]just created and uploaded 3,000 jigged profiles in less than 10 min". How long would that have taken to do manually? The answer is: too freaking long!
Question: Lots of bots already have import features. What's better about EZMode?
Answer: Many bots do have an import feature, but only a few of them support jigging and they all require different formats for their imports. First, EZMode supports custom jigging and it works for all of our supported bots. And this isn't just any jigging - this is jigging that gives you absolute control while using only USPS approved identifiers (more below). Second, different bots want different fields, usually in different orders, nearly always with different formats and spellings, etc. EZMode standardizes the input format for all of the bots we support. You enter your info into your spreadsheet with a single format - EZMode does all the converting and fixing on a per-bot basis. In other words, just enter your profiles in the template and let EZMode take care of the details so you don't have to!
Question: How does it work?
Answer: EZMode has a couple of different methods you can choose to get your profiles into EZMode. The most versatile option is to using a spreadsheet template you either fill out or distribute to your members for them to fill out. Once you have your template you just drop it on EZMode which, when using Local mode, then converts and imports your payment profiles directly into your bot (in Remote mode EZMode saves a file for you to import inside the bot). The other option is to have EZMode pull your profiles directly from your bot. This can be great for both quick and EZ transfers, as well as pulling profiles from a bot and turning them into an EZMode template.
Question: You said spreadsheet but I don't have Excel - can I still use EZMode?
Answer: Yes! We know Microsoft Office is expensive so we've made sure you can use Google Sheets or any of the many freeware/shareware/open-source office apps/suites out there - as long as your office app supports exporting to tab-delimited or TSV files (and there's a 99% chance it does) then you're good to go.
Question: Does this help with running slots?
Answer: Absolutely! EZMode was all but made for ACO services. Besides the transfer features, we have a Google Forms to Sheets to Drive solution that can't be beat for streamlining the process of gathering member's data and entering them into your bots. Once you've created your Google Form and made it available to your members it only takes a few clicks to have all their data transferred to your bot. EZMode takes care of all the billing profile heavy work for you.
Question: What bots will EZMode transfer my billing profiles into?
Answer: Besides being able to transfer your profiles into any of the many bots listed on our home page, EZMode can also export to a tab delimited TSV file (useful for pulling data from a bot and opening it in Excel or Sheets to update your billing info).
Question: I heard something about transferring data directly between bots...
Answer: We sure do! EZMode currently supports transferring your billing profiles out of over 2 dozen options. You can then transfer those profiles into any of our supported bots, or export them to our template formatted as a tab delimited TSV file. Outside of technical limitations we plan to expand this functionality to include all of our supported bots in the future.
Question: Will you be adding more bots?
Answer: Of course! We're constantly looking into the newest bots around and we have a suggestions channel in our Discord for our members to let us know what they'd like to see added.
Question: Does EZMode work with Macs?
Answer: Yes, but not directly. EZMode will only run on Windows; however, if both the Windows and Mac versions of a bot use the same import format then Remote mode files created by EZMode should work fine with the Mac version of the bot. Alternatively, you can install the Windows version of the bot on your server with EZMode and use Local mode and then copy the bot's config file to your Mac. We have many members who use both methods regularly.
Question: Is my information safe?
Answer: Short answer: Yes, your info is completely safe with EZMode. Longer answer: We're a legitimate LLC with the sole goal of being your go-to profile manager for many years to come and for that to happen we need to keep your trust. in that spirit, any billing data used with EZMode will only be read when you want it read and will only go where you tell EZMode to put it. In addition, EZMode will never send any of your billing information anywhere except to your bots and your clipboard (current SoleSlayer implementation). The only communication EZMode does with any systems besides yours is for licensing, activation, analytics and updates.
Question: Why is it a monthly subscription? Can I pay a one time fee?
Answer: As we just mentioned we're in this for the long haul. With that goal in mind, and after much discussion, we came to the conclusion a monthly subscription strikes the best combination between the needs of our members and ourselves. How does it fit your needs? You need a profile manager that keeps up with changes to bots and is constantly adding new ones. You also need a profile manager that's always innovating and looking for new ways to make your life EZer. A continuous revenue stream allows us to devote more time and resources to those things. It fits our needs because with a subscription plan we're able to more accurately gauge the level of resources we have available to reinvest in EZMode and continue to develop new features (and, of course, pay for stuff like bot renewals, domain name, bandwidth, web server, validation/activation server, update server, etc.).
Question: Is the subscription manual or automatic renewal?
Answer: We enabled auto-renewal to make it EZer for our members, but you can always log into your PayPal account (or the EZMode dashboard, depending on where you signed up) to cancel your subscription at any time.
Question: Can I run it on my server?
Answer: Yes, you can activate and deactivate when needed so you can install on whichever device you're currently using. Remember: Even if you can't install EZMode on your server you can still use Remote mode.
Question: I'm still not sure why I need EZMode...
Answer: If you currently use one of the supported bots EZMode will drastically decrease setup time before drops. We realize, however, that EZMode may not be for everyone. If EZMode doesn't seem like quite the right fit for you now, we encourage you to keep an eye on us and our bots/features. We think some of our future planned features will make it more useful for everyone, no matter their use case.
We are not affiliated with any of the bots we support, and all copyrights are reserved to the owners of the bots. The bots we support were added because they were awesome enough to be highly requested by our members, and members of the Twitter sneaker community.